Patient receiving second opinion from a cancer doctor

We know a cancer diagnosis is a very serious matter.  As a patient, you have every right to ask for a second physician to double-check your diagnosis.  Getting a second opinion doesn’t mean that you don’t trust your doctor.  In fact, your doctor will completely understand your need to be certain and support your decision.

The oncology physicians at Lake Health/University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center can provide you with this second opinion.  We will review the test results your doctor has already gathered.  We may reorder borderline tests or order additional tests that may shed more light on what is happening within your body.  Finally, we will share our opinion with you and, with your permission, discuss our opinion with your current doctor.

If you’re anxious about a recent cancer diagnosis and would like another oncologist to review your case, you can schedule a second opinion by calling our appointment desk at (440) 205-5755.