The battle for a cure for breast cancer is never far from the minds of many. Earlier this summer, we detailed the programs of a monthly breast cancer support group at Lake/University Ireland Cancer Center in Mentor.

We chronicled the efforts of local women such as Katie Warnick, Betty Jo Malchesky and Rhondda Patton, who participated in last month’s Cleveland Breast Cancer 3-Day, and joined with you in applauding their dedication to the cause.

And, this Saturday, thousands will cheer on the hundreds of runners in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in downtown Cleveland. Truly exciting news came last week after testing funded in part by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation: Molecular breast imaging detected 10 of 13 tumors in the test; mammograms detected three of 13.

“MBI is a promising technology,” said Carrie Kruska of the Mayo Clinic, which has been working on the procedure for about six years.

And while it is not considered to be a replacement for mammography for women with an average risk, those who are at high risk might have just received life-saving news.

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