Cancer Treatment

When the diagnosis is cancer, you want to have access to the most promising and most advanced treatment options. Lake Health/Seidman Cancer Center brings together one of the leading community hospitals in Northeast Ohio with the region’s premier provider of cancer care. We’re proud to offer residents of Lake County and the surrounding area access to advanced cancer technology and therapies that are on par with the best treatment plans offered in the country.

Patient care is a collaborative effort among oncologists, surgeons, radiation oncologists and other health professionals, with clinical trials offered to many patients. At LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center, patients can meet with their physicians, receive radiation therapy, obtain chemotherapy and access a wide range of support services – all under one roof – while staying close to family and friends.


Fundraising efforts throughout the year help LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center continue to carry out our mission to provide world-class cancer care and oncology services to residents within driving distance of Mentor and Lake County.