Radiation Therapy

Cancer patients who require radiation treatment face a potentially time-intensive and exhausting process. The convenience of comprehensive radiation oncology services at Lake Health/University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center helps alleviate some of the burden while providing today’s most advanced care, including Image-guided Modulated Radiation Therapy.

Patients receive state-of-the-art care by a skilled team led by Dr. Louis Novak, director of the Radiation Oncology department, and Dr. Frederick Barton. Our medical and technological experts include an amazing staff of therapists, nurses, dosimetrists, physicians, dietitians, social workers and research associates.

What is Radiation Therapy?

During radiation therapy, high-energy radiation is used to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors by damaging their DNA structure either directly or by creating charged particles inside the cell that damage the DNA. This radiation can be administered by a machine outside the body, or by a radioactive substance released into the body targeting cancerous cells. Radiation treatments are effective in changing the structure of cancer cells so that tumor cells are reduced or destroyed. The radiation treatment itself is administered using a high-precision linear accelerator. Most radiation regimens involve brief daily treatments that continue for three to six weeks. That is why convenience is particularly important to these patients.

Before treatments begin, the patient will consult with a physician, and treatment will be designed for the particular cancer and its location. So that radiation can be delivered accurately and safely, a state-of-the-art computerized simulator is used to duplicate the stream of radiation and to chart a precise computerized blueprint for treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do patients get radiology exams and lab work done?

Most of our patients get their lab work and radiology exams at the Lake Health Mentor Medical Campus, where the LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center is located. Being located next to the campus makes it extremely convenient for our patients to have a “one stop shopping” diagnostic experience; they no longer need to go to multiple facilities to get their scans, x-rays and lab work done.

Will I be radioactive if I get radiation treatment?

No. During radiation treatment, the radiation is delivered in such small amounts over the full course of your treatment that it will not make you radioactive.

If I take antioxidants, will it improve the effects of radiation?

We advise against taking any vitamin or dietary supplements during the course of your treatment except for the standard daily vitamin doses, regular prescription meds, and nutritional support as needed. All medications and supplements should be reviewed with your doctor before treatment begins.

May I use my cell phone while I am receiving treatment?

Please do not use your cell phone while in the treatment area; scientific studies have shown that certain kinds of cellphones can interfere with our treatment equipment. If you need to use your cellphone, please step outside of our treatment area.

May I perm or color my hair while I am going through radiation treatment?

Yes, unless:

  • You are receiving chemotherapy treatment, or
  • You are receiving radiation to the brain or scalp

Should I avoid being near children or babies while I am receiving radiation?


Is radiation bad for me?

Radiation is delivered by a Radiation Oncologist in a controlled environment and is an acceptable form of radiation treatment.

Where do I go if I am a patient of LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center and I get admitted to the hospital?

If the need to go to the hospital should arise, most patients go to Lake Health facilities; however, the selection is ultimately up to the patient. Lake Health/University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center is a collaboration of two health care systems that have been brought together to care for and treat cancer patients in the community, close to home.

What are your hours of operation?

LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center is currently open Monday-Friday from 7:30am – 4:30pm. Click here to see our current lab hours; any lab appointments may be scheduled during these open hours.

Is there someone I can call outside of your normal hours?

Callers should contact the main number (440-205-5755). LH/UH Seidman Cancer Center currently has an answering service that will take calls after hours and on weekends.


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