Nutritional Services

The diagnosis of cancer comes with many questions, including questions about diet and nutrition. Common questions patients ask include:

  • “What should I eat?”
  • “Will I be nauseated, and which foods will I be able to tolerate best?”
  • “How can I eat to be healthy and speed up the healing process?”
  • And when all treatments are completed, “What should I eat as a cancer survivor?”

Oncology dietitians provide nutritional consultation to cancer patients. Their goal is to assist you in nourishing your body properly despite the stresses of cancer and treatment. An oncology dietitian can answer your food-related questions throughout the process, from diagnosis, through treatment, and onward into survivorship.

Oncological dietitians will work with you and the other members of your healthcare team to conduct a complete nutrition assessment for you and to develop a personal nutritional plan which takes into account all aspects of your medical situation. During treatment you may receive information on how to manage side effects through nutrition, strategies for maintaining weight if weight loss becomes a problem, suggestions for dealing with poor appetite, and techniques for tube feeding if necessary.

After cancer treatments are completed, the dietitian can assist you in developing a cancer-fighting diet, eating to heal and recover, or to reach weight goals (gain or loss). In addition, the dietitian can provide you with tips on improving your eating habits to lay the foundation for good nutrition in the future.

Your physician will provide you with a referral to our nutritionist in our Mentor offices as part of your treatment. If you have any questions that you would like to ask our oncology dietitian directly, you can call Jennifer Grebenc at (440) 205-5751 during office hours.


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